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Our step-by-step instructions.

❝ I just want to share with everyone that no matter what challenges, adversities you face in life, that you can overcome them... and once you overcome those adversities, use your story, your testimony to others, to help others get through their storm. ❞

We welcome stories from all walk of life. If you have had a fascinating adventure and would like to inspire others with your life please send an email with the subject "Inspire" to [email protected]. You could also send the story of a close relative who has passed away.

Take note!

We assume that all submissions are original and that you have full permissions to publish them.

If you have never considered that your life may be worth anything take the time to write your story you will be amazed how unpredictable your good fortunes have been!

Submission Guidelines

Instructions on getting your stories published

Our primary audience is Kenyans of all stripes. In particular, we ask that you tailor your story so as to highlight life lessons that can be passed on to the next generation.

Please keep in mind that we aim to inspire as broad an audience as possible.


Who to write for

Please submit original life stories that have not been published before. If your story has been featured in another publication we ask that you write it afresh from your own perspective. Also, please inform us where else your story has been featured to guide the editorial process.

In light of our audience, we are mainly interested in content that can be safely consumed by all ages without requiring censorship.

Keep in mind that we will not publish any material that includes but is not limited to any which:

  • violates rules of decency and social order
  • promotes hatred and/or maligns an individual or groups of individuals
  • contain adult content or material
  • glorifies substance abuse

If a story highlights how an individual overcame adversity involving any of the above then we will endeavour to edit it to suit our audience.


What to write

There are no deadlines. Stories are published in the order they are received.


When to submit

Submissions can be of any length but we will give priority to those having more than 1000 words. We anticipate that the moment you begin to write your story you will discover how little 1000 words are!

Please structure your story have the following sections:

  • A subtitle that captures what your life story is about of not more 50 characters. For example "When life gives you lemons make lemonade"
  • A synopsis (summary) which captures your life story in one paragraph
  • Beginnings detailing your beginning, when and where you were born
  • Struggles outlining the adversity you have had to overcome and how this affected you
  • Lessons learned
  • Books that have been valuable to your story
  • People who have influenced you and shaped your life
  • How your story shaped what you are doing now
  • Your hopes and dreams for the future of Kenya

Please include any photos which show your journey through the years.


How to organise your story

At the present time we are only accepting stories written in English. The quality of English does not matter as we will work with you to edit it to publication standard.


Lingua franca

You own the copyright of any content you submit. However, for the purpose of publishing the story, you are giving us a worldwide, non-renewable, royalty-free exclusive right to publish your story. This means that your story will be found exclusively on our site.

Other than our site feel free to publish the story on your personal blog but we ask that you provide a link to our site to acknowledge our editorial input.

You are free to withdraw your story at any time.

You also license us to defend your license to us by communicating on your behalf to anyone who violates your copyright and the license we have with you.

Copyright & License

Ownership & Permissions

Please keep in mind that it might take longer to publish your story than you expect given the size of our team. Our hope is to grow the team over time but in the meantime we are more than likely to be overwhelmed by the number of submissions.

We reserve the right to publish stories. Submitting your stories does not guarantee that it will be published. If we believe that your story has potential but requires modification we will work with you to achieve this. However, if we are not able to publish your story we will inform you why.

Editorial Policy

How we process your submission